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Wir sind Ausländern!!

regarding the misadventures of a Singaporean family in Switzerland ...

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Hi! A warm welcome to the world of the Yoongz! a quick introduction - the Yoongz are Walter, Sandra and Tobias. Walter was born and grew up in sunny Singapore and in the course of his general wanderings on that little island, met and married Sandra who, coincidentally, was also born and bred there :-)

They then thought to themselves that a change of climate would be a good thing and so, in 2002, they decided to up and move to the quaint land of cow bells, yodelling and the Alps - surprising Switzerland! While enjoying themselves in their new surroundings, they were pleasantly surprised by a new addition to the family that was 100% made in Switzerland - Little Tobias :-)

And so now the Yoongz spend their days exploring and getting to know this little island of neutrality here in the center of Europe.