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3 of us malaysia

Gerbils R Us...

That's right... we got ourselves Gerbils!! & we are happy, excited, pleased, excited, elated, delighted... did i mention happy & excited? :D

We have been very lucky to have been given not only 2 lovely Gerbils, but everything needed to provide them with a good home & wonderful care... we got the whole works (cage - both big & travel ones,  food, bedding, lots of home-made housing - which i love!!) from a generous friend who is now having a great time settling into uni life in England ;)

So meet Nox (the black one) & Puddle (the brown one):

Here is one very excited, over-the-moon little boy standing next to their cage:

We love watching them scurry around, hiding their food under the bedding, chewing up cardboard & paper to "decorate" their little home, sitting on their hind-legs eating their little bits of food, climbing up & down ;)





How cool! Enjoy! ~ Nino
Nox! Cool names! :-)
i agree - cool name. They came with their names - we didn't name them.