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3 of us malaysia

Update on Going Green...

...the update is that - sadly the strawberries have died - i have since found out that it was my fault - they weren't growing as fast the cherry tomatoes so i gave them some fertilizers & apparently that killed them. "You are not suppose to give baby plants fertilizers! You wouldn't give a 6 mth-old baby a steak, right?", that's what a friend who was a home-ed teacher said.

The good news is that the cherry tomatoes are growing nicely & have been re-potted so they can have more room. i ended up with 16 plants, 5 of which i have given away (the ones in the round pot) & i think 3 more (that's 1 long pot) are reserved to be given after summer hols.

Here's a couple of pictures of them after re-potting:

Imagine all of those plants were in that one little round pot!
Now the only problem is i think they may actually fruit while we are away for the summer - sob!
At least i have someone who will look after them while we are in SG... so hopefully they will either continue to fruit when we are back or fruit late when we are here...



Hi Sandra, when will u be coming back to Singapore? Wow, your cherry tomatoes plants sure looks big now. Congratulation. Can bring some strawberry seeds for me when coming back? Can't seem to find them here unless I extract them from a real fruit. You Yuan
YouYuan - we'll be back mid july - i'll try & see if i can get the seeds for u - but i'm not sure if out of season already or not - strawberries are being picked now....
They look so lovely all in pots in a row there! Hope you can enjoy some upon your return.
Yes i hope so too - i'm giving away 2 pots & will have 2 pots left by mid Aug.