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3 of us malaysia

Trying to Go Green...

No no, not talking about Going Green as in environmental issues - but just to be clear, we do do our part - recycling as much as we can, using as little electricity as possible... etc...
But i'm talking about growing green... maybe that would have been a better title - anyhow, i have never been a green thumb at all - so far have killed everything i have tried to grow since coming here (there is no possibility or incentive or time & place to do so while in Singapore)...
However, i saw some complete sets (including, pots, soil & seeds) for sale & they seemed easy enough to grow & they are Tobias' favourite foods - cherry tomatoes & strawberries... so i bought them & on the 6th of April 2010, we planted them.

The building thing was a project with Daddy - this was/is a project with Mummy ;)

Here is Tobias all ready to start:

Here are the materials:

Here is Tobias pouring out the soil & his happy face at having finished with the planting process:

We (Tobias did his part) faithfully watered them - keeping the tomatoes out of light but in warmth & keeping the strawberries in light but in a cool room as instructed. We watered & cared for them & waited... i read that it would take anywhere from 7 to 14 days to germinate... the tomatoes sprouted in 7 days but the strawberries took a little longer...

Here's what they looked like 7 days after planting:
Cherry Tomatoes                                             Strawberries

Here's what they looked like 13 days after planting:
Cherry Tomatoes are in the white pot & Strawberries are in the red pot

At this point, according to instructions, we re-potted the tomatoes (strawberries looked to fragile to re-pot). We counted over 50 seedlings but i think i took too long in the re-pot process or did something wrong, but we lost over 30 seedlings in the process (sob). Anyhow, here's what the tomatoes looked like after re-potting (not so healthy looking):

Thank God whatever was left took root & are growing nicely, there are some secondary sprouts too - i'm actually not sure if they are secondary shoots or just seeds which sprouted late.
Here's what they looked like as of yesterday (about a month after planting):

Here are the Strawberries as of yesterday to:

Now i'm wondering if i should re-pot again & put in the sticks to start supporting the tomatoes. i'm also wondering about the strawberries - there are instructions to re-pot after first leaves comes out - but after the tomatoes, i'm afraid, plus the strawberries look even more fragile than the tomatoes at the same height.
Advice, anyone??
i would be most grateful...



Hi Sandra, bravo for taking the first step. Yes, it is common for some seedlings to die away when repotting esp for newbie. 1 trick I do is not to repot too many in 1 pot or even start out with that many as it will become too tedious to manage. Another thing is, I might use a transparent cup or small jar to cover the seedlings after repotting, for a few days to allow it stabilize as repotting seedlings is stressful for u and the plants. MSN me if u need more help.


Hi, followup from previous comment

Hi Sandra,

As I was replying via my iPhone, I didn't realise that I became an anonymous commenter. This is You Yuan. LOLz...

Growing strawberry sounds tempting. I should check if the seeds are purchasable here and try them in my lab. Hope your fingers turn "green" with more knowledge gained.

Re: Hi, followup from previous comment

Hi YouYuan, i was left wondering after that 1st comment - thanks for the tip. it does look like i will have to repot at some point cos according to a website - the plants need a lot more space to grow - so i will try again...
I agree with the other commenter, next time not so many in the same pot. I got some of those little black plastic pot-trays from Migros - there are like 12 together, 4 trays so plenty! and potted one tomato seed in each. Mine are about as big as yours now. The other thing is you probably won't have rom in your flat for that many tomato plants so if some die off it's not such a big deal - same for the strawbs - those things try to take over the world given half a chance! We planted 6 on the balcony last year. I've removed some and thrown them out, but I still have 7! (yes, seven. One more than I started with! lol) the baby strawbs are so cute aren't they. We have some growing in the cracks in our paving stones, I can't bring myself to weed them out.
HI Michaela, why don't u bring some pots over when u come on Pentacost & then u can help me repot as well as take a few home with u?? What do u think? i'll look into get a couple more pots.