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Where did Spring go?

Spring came last week & hurried away today - i'm hoping & praying that Spring has only gone away for today! It snowed the whole morning!, actually off & on for the whole day! There is a layer on the ground now - it wasn't like snow flurries - it was big fat heavy flakes of snow!! Why is it snowing in April? Isn't April Springtime when flowers come & the sun is shining?!! i just heard on my mums network that someone said there was 3 feet of snow one Easter 5 years ago. Well, i really hope that this is not the case now.

Here are some pics:

Falling Snow (the little white dots are snow flakes), April 2006

Accumulation of Snow, April 2006

Temps forecast will be minus in the mornings for the next couple of days, things look to be warming up for the weekend & next week - sigh! Let's hope it does & stays warm like Spring should be.

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