December 1st, 2008

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NaNoWriMo is over...sob!sob!SOB!

So it's true - i have to face the facts - NaNoWriMo is over - Today is 1st of Dec.
And i did not finish - sob! i managed 32191 words.
But still i had loads of fun - it was a great feeling writing and writing - honestly, the writing bug hit me hard quite a while back and i had been searching for an outlet since ... oh can't remember ... but a long time now - soooo HAPPY that NaNo has allowed me to channel all that writing itch into something.
Plus i met lots of fun and funny people along the way ;)
i'm looking into taking part in Script Frenzy now.
i have also found something which i hope DH (darling hubby) will take part in - February Album Writing Month. Tobias and myself will be in Singapore almost all of February - of cos Walter will be with us for some part of that time - but i think he would have fun doing this - an outlet for his musical genes ;) and to occupy him while we are away - not that he needs help with that - there is snow and snow sports to occupy him - lots of snow this winter.
And i'm planning for Tobias to start with the Young Writers Program for NaNoWriMo as well as YWP for Script Frenzy - if he even shows a slight interest - hahhahaha - such an ambitious mummy i am ;p
Well, he has showed no inclination towards the arts (like drawing, fine art) so i'm hoping for a literary genius - too much to ask for? ;)
Ok back to the realities of this world now - need to go do accounts now - sigh!

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