November 2nd, 2008

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So i signed up for the NaNoWriMo this morning & committed myself to writing a novel in the month of November - 50,000words - that's right little ole me will be doing this on top of all the other things that awaits me in busy busy always busy November - such as daily stuff, german classes, book fairs, DayAway, Christmas stuff etc...

But i'm EXCITED about it!! i've been such a giant fan of books, novels, reading, literature ... now is the time to maybe see if all that really would translate into some writing skills - hahahhahaa ;p

So check back...i'll try & keep posted about how i'm going with this... i signed up 2x days after the start & the pen has not hit the paper so i'm technically 4000words behind (they advise writing 2000words a day as an average to hit the 50,000 target by month's end).

Send creative writing thoughts my way pls!

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