April 18th, 2007

3 of us malaysia


It's now 3am in the morning - we just got back from the hospital - Tobias didn't stop vomiting so after the 3rd time in 2hrs - i took him to the ER - but they don't have a pedi here in Solothurn & they didn't think he would keep down medicine as he vomited the water he drink before. So i had to drive myself & him to the Children's Hospital in Biel - i had to find it - somewhere up the mountain - getting there was good - the docs & nurses were great! They diagnose him as having the beginnings of Gastroenteritis - which i take to be Gastic Flu? will look it up in the morning after some sleep. So can't do anything but ride out the virus - which should take about 4-5 days, says the doc. He vomited again when we got home - water again - he hates vomiting now - he tries to keep it in even - sigh! Called the hospital they said it's normal - we had given him something for the vomiting but the doc says it won't really take effect cos it's a virus. If in the morning he still can't keep water down, we'll go to our doc here in our village. sigh! i go sleep now.
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