April 17th, 2007

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Superman...vomit...& all without daddy

So i was going to start a nice happy, funny post about how obsessed recently my little guy is about Superman - ever since we let him watch Superman Returns with us. But... i heard strange loud sounds from Tobias' room... rushed in & saw him vomiting all over his bed, crying & everything... i heard no coughing before that so it was not the coughing fit which caused the vomiting - it must have been just something he ate ... maybe the day-old spring rolls?? We've never had them overnight - usually never any leftover. i'm not sure - have to see how it goes tomorrow. He fell asleep on the sofa while i cleaned everything up - ouch! back hurts now - my bad back is acting up again - sigh! Now he is resting in his bed - Thank God for water-proof under-sheets. Pray that Tobias recovers quickly & fully from his cough & that this vomiting is just a 1x time thing.

Sigh! This is the 2nd time in 2x weeks he has thrown up - last week he threw up because of his coughing fit - & now tonight. & all these had to happen while my darling hubby is away - sigh!

Walter has been alway since the beginning of the month & will only be back this Saturday. This time , more than any other time, i want him to be back fastest possible. Other times, i have been a little more patient.

Well, back to the original idea of this post, the Superman boy - well, after watching Superman a few times, Tobias could hum the whole tune - including all the little beginning parts, in-between parts & the dramatic ending bit. His grandparents were greatly entertained while he was in Singapore & he, of cos, soaked up every moment of having a captive audience ;)

Here's a photo of him in his Superman PJs which my mummy bought him - after being so entertained by his singing ;)

Well, have to check on him now.
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