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Finally!... some indication that we are still here!

Well, so i didn't manage a post before we flew & i also didn't manage a post while we were in Singapore - so it has been nearly 8x weeks since the last post. A fair bit to write about - so be prepared this is quite a lengthy post.

Let's talk about the present - the fields are dotted with little white, yellow & blue wild flowers, the yellow Dandelions (spelling?) are out too. The cheery blooms are blooming in full glory! So it is Spring!! It's quite nice & warm in the afternoons, thot the mornings & nights are still quite cold but i'm hoping that will change quickly. It's nice to come back to Spring - thot i have been told that it's a shame to have missed the only major snowfall of the season for this year's winter.

With Spring comes a little surprise - as it does every year - last year it snowed heavily around Easter time & this year it hailed for all of 5x mins. If u watch the video below very carefully, u will see tiny white balls bouncing off the grass - that's the tiny hail balls.

We got back about 10 days ago - just got over the jetlag & now trying to settle into our routine again - as always Hubby is away - He's gone back in the direction of Asia - hahhaa - after just coming back from there  - sigh!

Easter is coming up - so it's another long weekend - tomorrow is Good Friday - so what are we doing? Nothing much - just going to visit a friend tomorrow & then we'll have some friends over here for Easter Monday. That's the "excitment" for now.

So what did we do in Singapore? Well, the usual - meeting up with friends & family & eat & eat & shop & did i mention eat? Singapore is a place well-known for it's food & shopping for those who have not visited. Ok we did do more than that - check out the following photos & 1x video.

Here's Tobias trying his hand, for the 1st time, at bowling. i believe that the ball he's holding is a 8 or 9 pound ball!!

Here's Tobias going downstairs, in all excitement, to play with his new remote-controlled Smart car.

Here's Tobias going down a water slide, all by himself. Actually he has been down the big water slide here in Switzerland, at the indoor pool - but i've always insisted that i go with him - so he was super happy to be able to go down this small one on his own. He did it over & over again & again.

Tobias also did some "driving". Something he picked up from GongGong.

Another thing he picked up was "playing" the PS3 - my brother got the new PS3 while we were there & ever since Tobias watched my brother on it - he wakes up each morning, takes his chocolate drink & then runs straight to his uncle's room to wake him up so he can watch my brother play the PS3.

We also went to the zoo & the bird park - of cos did lots & lots of shopping. Walter took some back with him but i still managed to fill our bag (Tobias shares a bag with me) up to 45kg - hehhehee ;) mostly filled with gifts. Thanks to everyone - esp my mummy, for everything.

We visited the new VivoCity - very over-whelming - huge shopping centre - but the feature that attracted me is the open roof top water play park for kids - unfortunately it rained the day we went so no water play park for us. By the way there is also another new shopping centre called VeloCity - hehhehehe ;) but we didn't get to that one.

Well, that's it for now.

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